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Making a digital property as amazingly futuristic as the robots it helps promote

A robotics company. Symbotic, teamed up with a leading web development agency, 23Cubed, and Create Something to improve the user-experience of their website.

23Cubed recommended using Webflow to build the new website because Webflow is a visual development platform that allows designers and developers to create responsive websites without having to write code.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to create complex websites.

The Process

We first meet with the Symbotic team to discuss their goals for the new website.

We then created a sitemap and wireframes to map out the structure and content of the website. Once the sitemap and wireframes were approved, we began creating the website in Webflow.

We designed the website's pages and added approved content, and created custom interactive elements & interactions, such as forms , videos, and animations, to improve the user-experience.

Once the website was complete, we tested it to ensure it was responsive and worked across all devices.

We tested the website's interactivity and functionality to ensure the enhanced user-experience was meeting all of the needs.

Finally, we launched the website and provided support to the Symbotic team if they needed help making changes to the website in the future.

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