API Development for a coaching business looking to automate the creation of their online events.

Event Automation

API development for a coaching business can be a great way to automate the creation of online events. By creating an API, businesses can easily connect their coaching software to their website or other online platforms, making it easy to create and manage events without having to manually input data. This can save a lot of time and money, as well as improve the accuracy of event information.

The coaching business, Conscious Leadership Group (CLG), wanted to automate the creation of online events for their clients. Previously, the process involved manually creating events, sharing infromation between Eventbrite & Webflow, and creating Zoom meeting links, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

To automate this process, we at Create Something utilized our Xano instance as the no-code backend and Jetadmin as the internal dashboard.

First, we used Xano to create a RESTful API that would handle the creation, management, and integration of online events. This included defining the endpoints and input/output parameters for each API call, such as creating a new event, sharing information between Eventbrite & Webflow, and creating Zoom meeting links.

Next, we used Jetadmin to create an internal dashboard that would allow the coaching team to easily manage events and share information. This included setting up user roles, defining access permissions, and creating intuitive user interfaces for creating, managing, and tracking events.

Once the API and dashboard were set up, CLG was able to automate the creation of online events. The coaching team could easily create new events and share information between tools, all within the Jetadmin dashboard. This saved them time and reduced the potential for errors, allowing them to focus on providing high-quality coaching services to their clients.

Overall, the use of Xano and Jetadmin allowed the Conscious Leadership Group to automate their online event creation process, improving efficiency and accuracy.

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